Handy hints for choosing a bridal bag


Worrying about must-have items tucked away under her wedding gown is not the way a bride wants to spend of her special day. Savvy brides-to-be ensure they’ve added a bridal handbag on their list of must-have wedding accessories, and these days there are lots of great designs to suit all tastes and budgets.

Olivier Laudus of online bridal boutique www.olivierlaudus.co.uk has a few top tips on how to select a bridal bag:

• Choose one that will be comfortable to hold

• Make sure it’s discreet; you won’t want a clumpy handbag taking pride of place in all the wedding pictures

• Pick the right style and colour to match your wedding dress

• Use it for essential items only - tissues, lipstick, comb etc - so you can ensure you look perfect throughout the day. If you can’t fit what you need into the bag give extra items to the bridesmaids to carry as you don’t want the bag to be heavy or bulging

Oliver’s own line ranges from £27.99 for a classic style to £49.95 for more ornate affairs. Designs include pale ivory satin bags embellished with diamante, sequins and pearls and come in a variety of sizes and shapes, from clutches to shoulder bags.

“Unlike a normal handbag or evening bag, a bridal bag is different as it has to be unobtrusive,” he explains. “The bag must not distract attention from the dress and needs to be just the right size to keep essential items close to hand, while at the same time complementing the dress and general theme of the wedding day.”