Estee Lauder's Alan Pan shares his wedding day makeup countdown

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Top international makeup artist Alan gives a step-by-step countdown to make sure you look your very best on the big day 

Estee Lauder's international makeup artist Alan Pan has shared exclusively with his top tips for ensuring perfect bridal beauty on your wedding day.

"It can be the most special day in someone’s life and with all eyes on her, every bride wants to look immaculate," he says. "As we all know preparation for a wedding can take a lot of time. Finding the perfect venue, flowers and of course the dress can take months. And your makeup on the day is just as important.

"Here's my wedding countdown to have you walking down the aisle looking radiant."

Two to three months before the big day
• Get skin in optimal shape. A custom-fit skin care regime will help your skin to look even, smooth, and radiant. Consult an Estee Lauder Beauty Advisor who will help design a personalised skincare plan with your needs in mind
• Begin to use body products to target any trouble spots such as patches of dryness or cellulite – you want to make sure your body looks great, especially if you're planning on hitting the beach on honeymoon
• Experiment with false tans to see how glowing you want to be on the big day – sun kissed or bronzed goddess
• Ask your beauty advisor to help you decide on the perfect foundation and highlighters to make you picture-perfect

One month before
• My secret weapon before any big event is Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Concentrate (£65). Use every night for 21 days as a booster treatment to really help put life back into your skin
• For hands as lovely as your ring start weekly home manicures and use a hand and foot cream that will act like a paraffin spa treatment
• For a super-smooth sunless tan on your wedding day, start exfoliating every week
• Begin to practice your makeup look for you special day

One week before
• Schedule an eyebrow wax and give yourself an at home facial
• Treat yourself to a full body massage to help you relax and unwind before the wedding
• Begin to use fake tan. One week will give you plenty of time to build up a gorgeous colour
• Make sure you have your full makeup kit at the ready, including all the brushes to perfect the look

Your wedding day
• Start your day with your daily cleansing regime
• Smooth on a luxurious body cream all over before you dress
• Apply your makeup – make sure you choose a long-wearing foundation to see you through the day. A waterproof mascara is key on such an emotional day!
• Lastly spritz yourself with your signature fragrance and you're ready to step into married life looking luminous and elegant