Natasha Henstridge plans international nuptials with Daruis Danesh

Natasha Henstridge plans international nuptials with Darius Danesh

The Eli Stone beauty has revealed she wants to hold post-wedding bashes in Canada and Scotland, where Darius' family live. The couple are currently based in LA
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She's originally from Newfoundland, is based in LA, and is engaged to a Scotsman – so it's little wonder actress Natasha Henstridge is planning an international wedding celebration.

The Eli Stone beauty, who's been engaged to former Pop Idol star Darius Danesh for two years, wants to hold receptions both in Canada and on her fiancé's home turf.

"We'll have a party in Newfoundland, where I'm from. Something really casual – like a lobster boil or boating on the ocean with my family," she explains. "And then a Persian-themed bash in Scotland with (Darius') family," she says, a reference to Darius' Middle Eastern roots.

One thing that's not so clear, however, is the venue of the happy event. "Scotland, Cabo (Mexico), Napa (California) – we just can't choose," she tells InStyle Weddings magazine, before adding that they're "leaning toward the beach with immediate family and friends".

The couple, who started dating after they got chatting in the street on Sunset Boulevard in 2006, are also yet to set a concrete date. Equally up in the air is Natasha's wedding dress. She says she's prepared to take chances with the gown but is looking for something "classic" that's "fun, light and whimsical".