Are you dreaming of a vintage wedding gown?

Are you the kind of bride who's passionate about the secrets and treasures of antique markets, or are you simply looking for something different for your wedding day outfit?

If so, the good news is that the spirit of vintage has been flooding the universe of bridal wear with ensembles that look like they could have been designed especially for you.

Whether your attention is sparked by the invasion of pearls and the Flapper look of the Twenties or the highly-groomed and sharply-tailored looks of the Forties and Fifties, or even if you'd like to take a sartorial trip back in the time to the heart of the 19th century...

If you want a vintage look for your wedding read on for some of the best options.

Brides from days gone by, ready to wed in the Twenties and Fifties

Raid your grandmother's wardrobe

The passing down of wedding dresses from mother to daughter through the generations seems like a trend of yesteryear. But more and more brides-to-be are searching through the family treasures to find an old gem of an outfit or lace veil that are perfect for their big day.

If you've dug out a family dress only to find it's gone out of fashion, don't worry: there are many dressmakers out there more than used to breathing new life into old dresses without them loosing an inch of their charm.

Heirloom Couture, based in London, specialize in restoring wedding dresses and adapting them to current trends, personalizing them and adding all types of exquisite details.

And for those who want an old world look but haven't uncovered anything suitable in their grandmother's attic, the company offers to whip up a bespoke gown, based on the bride's own requirements.

Vintage creations from Lavin and Givency, available from website The Frock

Check out specialised boutiques

It's not easy to find a dress over fifty years old that can be brought up to date, is pretty, and above all is still in a good condition.

When you do chance upon one, it's considered a real gem: a dress which possesses these qualities is a one off. It doesn't form part of any collection and also has a history that modern day designer dresses lack.

At one of our favourite sites, The Vintage Wedding Dress Company, you'll find a magnificent collection of fifty dresses that date from the Victorian era to the Seventies. Each is in a perfect condition and brought from all the corners of the world.

And if you're still not convinced check out The Frock, where they have a large selection of fairytale vintage frocks for reasonable prices (although these don't include adjustments or fittings), or complete your look with a vintage shawl, cape or shrug from A Vintage Wedding.

Carolina Herrera Bridal Collection 2010