Jaime weds Paul wearing Carrie Bradshaw's Manolos


Ever the romantic, Paul Hawkins had planned to propose to Jamie on Valentine's Day. However, not everything happens as planned when it comes to matters of love.

Paul ended up proposing three days earlier than planned but it didn't matter about the change in schedule - Jamie happily accepted.

The wedding preparations went smoothly with Jamie already having a vision of her perfect day. Her dress was a La Sposa design whilst her shoes came straight from the Manolo Blahnik Store off Fifth Avenue in New York. They were the very same model that Carrie Bradshaw wore in the Sex and the City movie.

Paul and Jamie's friends helped with everything else from hair to wedding stationary.

The pair married in St. Egwad’s Church in Llanfynydd, Wales and from there they had a beautiful reception at Pantglas Hall.

As a nod to her fashion career, Jamie named each of the tables at the bash after a top designer. Paul found a great band from Dudley which had the guests dancing all night long. The cake from Heavenly in Llandeilo had everyone wanting more with a combination of chocolate and berry flavours.

This idyllic wedding was complete with a honeymoon to St Lucia, where the newlyweds stayed at the luxury Calabash Cove. Jamie and Paul said it was a perfect end to the perfect wedding.

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