Wedding bells back where it all began for Laura and Matthew

On July 4, 2009, Laura Young and Matthew Martin stood together in Hatfield College Durham, where their romance first begun, and vowed to love one another for ever.

The pair's initial meeting occured by pure chance five years ago, during their first semester at university.

"It is tradition to have all students attend a cathedral service during their first week of university," explains Laura.

"Matthew and I met on the walk up to the cathedral in 2004 and from then onwards there was only ever one place to start our married life together"

The couple and their guests shared a wonderful day with a drinks reception in the college grounds followed by fine food and dancing in Hatfield College Hall.

They said they were grateful to so many of their family and friends for travelling from all over the country to take part in their special day.

Their nuptials over, Laura and Matthew spent their honeymoon in Italy, where they explored Venice, Rome and Pompeii.

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