Vintage cars: getting to the church in style One sure way to make a grand entrance at your wedding is to rent an antique automobile.

Pulling up in a spectacular Rolls Royce, Jaguar E-Type or Fifties Cadillac will cause great excitement amongst guests and leave them with a very special memory of your big day.

And a perfectly tuned-up antique car with impeccable bodywork is ideal for so many types of weddings; from a country castle venue to those ceremonies held outdoors.


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Convertibles are especially eye-catching options that allow guests a glimpse of the bride as she arrives. They also present the perfect opportunity for some wedding photos that are original, fun, and have a retro feel.

One of the great advantages of an antique car is that it speaks for itself, leaving little need for extra decoration. Simple ribbons or flowers that match the bride's bouquet - especially if you want to snap pictures with the car - are all that's necessary to make it shine like an authentic classic.

A truly enchanting detail, such cars are often included in special catalogues provided by wedding transportation companies.

They'll give you the unique opportunity to feel like a Hollywood leading lady on your special day.

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