Five top tips when it comes to choosing the perfect wedding date

You have decided to get married and can't wait to share the happy news with friends and family. But before you do, it's important to make sure that you've made the best choice when it comes to your wedding date. These five tips will help you guarantee choosing the perfect day to begin your married life together. 



    For many couples, the process of getting married is the most important aspect of the day. However, if you do have a special venue in mind, like a particular church or specific reception venue, you will usually have to be flexible when it comes to available dates. Reserve all locations sooner rather than later to avoid disappointment; the popular wedding season - from May to September - can become a real 'bride war' when it comes to snagging the perfect date.

    Generally speaking, the size of your wedding will dictate how long it will take to plan and, therefore, how soon you can get married. If you are dreaming of a grand affair with hundreds of guests and an elaborate feast, then your chosen date will have to allow enough time for preparations to be made. If, however, you want a simple ceremony with just a few people in attendance, your wedding day will take less time to organise, and your ceremony can take place much sooner.

    Many couples take the romantic route, and choose a special date to say their "I do's"; the anniversary of their first date, first kiss, their parents' anniversary, Valentine's Day, a birthday… Consider whether or not there is there a special day for you and your partner.

    Consider your flexibility and capacity to adapt to the climate. If you are a warm weather person, it's best to reserve a date in the high season. Even though it will be more expensive, there is a much higher chance of the sun shining on your special day making it all the more enjoyable. If, on the contrary, the rain doesn't bother you, or even better, you don't want to marry on a specific date, it is far cheaper to marry between the months of October and April.
    Bare the climate in mind when it comes to your honeymoon too. Take in to account the appropriate season of your destination and make sure it all ties in with the date of your wedding so you can enjoy the perfect holiday.

    And if you still don't know which month to choose, here are some ideas to inspire you…
    Spring is the best time for brides who dream of filling their weddings with flowers, while the summer months bring longer days and warmer weather, making it possible to spend more time outdoors. The autumn offers the chance to be bold with colour, often inspiring an overall palette of red, bronze and gold, while the winter can dictate a magical wonderland, or Christmas theme.