Martina and Iain celebrate Slovak style

Full of tradition and beauty, the wedding of Martina Kazdova and Iain Gambles was definitely one to remember.

The ceremony and reception were held in Martina's hometown of Trencin, Slovakia, which made for a particularly special occasion.

Considering that much of what could have gone wrong did so in the lead up to the big day, the fact that everything eventually went so smoothly was something of a miracle itself.

Featuring live classical music, the ceremony, held at Trencin Castle against the backdrop of the Carpathian mountains, was full of romance.

However, the reception in the spa town of Piestany was a far more raucous affair with everyone enjoying the traditional Slovak music, food and spirits.

After dancing into the early hours of the morning, the newlyweds and their guests awoke the following day to a spectacular wedding brunch send-off.

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