Eleven tips on how to give a best man's speech

hellomagazine.com After the bride's dress, the best man's speech is one of the most exciting and long-awaited parts of the wedding day.

These expert tips will have any man deliver the speech right and do his best friend proud on his big day.

Presenters Jonnie Irwin and Ben Hull, who have both had the role of a best man, and UK platform Tedbets have shared their advice with HELLO! Online. Scroll down to see the tips.


Best man Jonnie says...
- Speak to as many guests as possible before the speeches — it helps you feel like you know everyone.
- Leave the jokes to the comedians and stick to funny stories, that way if they only get a grumble you can move on.
- Don't use too much foul language — you're not with your mates, it's a formal occasion. Also stay away from private jokes and talking about ex-girlfriends.
- Cue cards to keep you on track are the most you should use or you'll just end up reading... and that's for losers.

Best man Ben says...

- It's always nerve wracking! But remember that it's a safe bet that no one will know if you've gone wrong or not. You might forget stuff, or make things up on the spot but no one will ever know. You control that moment. Knowing that will crush those nerves in a second.
- Try your jokes out on someone first, like a trusted friend who'll give you an honest opinion.
- One thing to avoid? Never. Mention. An. Ex.

Tedbets says...
- Remember to compliment the bride and her bridesmaids.
- Make the happy couple the focus of the speech and don't use it as a platform to completely take the mickey out of the groom.
- Thank all the major players involved in making it such a special day.

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