Expert tips on how to prepare your wedding day hair As the bride, there is a lot to think about during the wedding day and your hair is one of the most important aspects.

Paris-based hairdressers GUILD, who have recently opened their first flagship London salon on King's Road, have given their top tips on how to prepare your hair for the big day.


1. Have your hair cut one month before the big day so you can allow yourself to cut a few centimetres nearer the time, to freshen up the ends.

2. Use hair masks to moisturise damaged hair or to add volume if you have fine hair.

3. Make sure the style of your dress complements the style of your hair. If the dress wraps around the neck, a romantic up-do rather than a loose, tousled look would suit.

4. If you want to use straighteners, make sure you use a heat-protecting product before to protect your hair.

5. For an elegant up-do, brush through your hair first and spray with hairspray, then comb to remove any frizz. Put your hair up on one side by the ear with a transparent elastic band and set it with bobby pins in the same colour as your hair. Pull up the ponytail and wrap at the top, shaping it nicely into a knot secured with bobby pins. Finish by spraying with shine spray and decorate with flowers, pearls or anything else you fancy.

6. If you want to curl your hair, work in small sections from the neck up, and over from the ear to the crown. Spray your hair with a good holding hairspray and brush out the curls in large sections. Finish with a shimmering mist for added shine and an all-out smoother feel.

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