Top 20 causes of wedding planning stress

Most women want their wedding to be the best day of their life, but the pressure of pulling off everything to perfection is contributing to the rise of the stressed-out, envious bride.

A survey carried out among 1,000 newly married women by online gift retailer showed that four in ten got "fiercely competitive" when planning their day, while an even larger number wanted their nuptials to be better than their friends.

Having incredible photos for social media was also a big motivator, with three in ten highly concerned about how their wedding looked on Facebook.


Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway play stressed-out brides in 2009's comedy Bride Wars


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While competition between friends can reach fever pitch, it's wasn't just about outdoing others that stressed out brides-to-be.

Factors such as unpredictable weather, a misbehaving best man, the happiness of bridesmaids and difficult seating plans all piled on the pressure.

A solution put forward by the gifting website was to make the day the couple's own. "There's definitely a trend now for every wedding to go one step further than the norm," a spokesperson for the site said.

"Though it's stressful, it's the personal touches that really add that special something to a wedding day, so that everyone can enjoy it as much as the newlyweds. We can see how important this has become to brides as we now sell more personalised wedding favours and accessories than ever before."

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Best friends Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway fall out over wedding plans in the film

Top 20 causes of stress for brides-to-be:

1. Unwanted wedding guests

2. Bridesmaids complaining about dresses

3. Negative comments about bride's choices

4. Family politics due to step-parents

5. Mother-in-law taking over

6. Complaints about the seating plan

7. Not enough help planning the wedding

8. A disappointing hen-do

9. A misbehaving best-man

10. Photos being tagged on Facebook

11. The bridesmaids putting on weight

12. Pressure to look great in the dress

13. Stories from the stag-do

14. Looking her best in professional photographs

15. Choosing food everyone will like

16. Bad weather

17. Bridesmaid outshining the bride

18. Too many children coming to the wedding

19. Wanting a better wedding than a friend's

20. Not wanting guests to get bored

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