Video: Justin Timberlake performs at Jessica Biel's friend's wedding

Forget bedding and silverware, having Justin Timberlake perform at your wedding is the best present ever. That's exactly what the singer did on Saturday when he surprised wife Jessica Biel's close friend Dana Panzer and her longterm girlfriend Amy Wicker with a sweet serenade at their reception.

"Throughout the night, Justin really let loose and he started dancing in the middle of the wedding circle having an amazing time dancing to this great band," one guest told US Weekly. "Then Justin decided he wanted to put on a little concert for the two brides and he jumped on stage. It was awesome and so special for the brides and all the guests who were so impressed!"

Both Justin and Jessica, who attended without their 2-month-old son Silas, were in high spirits at the bash. Jessica, who was roommates at Tufts University with Dana, danced the night away, according to eye witnesses. "She looked amazing," another guest told the magazine. "You would never know she just had a baby because she is so slim and trim."

Her husband, meanwhile, presented the newlyweds with a very special wedding gift, taking to the stage to sing his 2002 hit single "Señorita."

Justin sang "Señorita" as a surprise for Jessica's college roommate as she tied the knot Photo: Getty Images

Sitting behind a keyboard, he told the excited crowd: "Imma start something," before beginning his performance as the brides and their guests danced and sang along. He later went on to sing a number of other hits, including "Papa's Got A Brand New Bag."

Although the nuptials, which took place in Norwalk, Connecticut, had been planned in advance, the wedding synced up perfectly with the Supreme Court's decision on same-sex marriage, making the celebrations all the sweeter.

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