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Relive Strictly star Brendan Cole and wife Zoe's stunning wedding on their anniversary

The couple exchanged vows on 26 June 2010

Congratulations to Brendan Cole and Zoe Hobbs, who are celebrating their eighth wedding anniversary! To mark their special millstone, here at HELLO! we have decided to relive their big day, which took place on 26 June 2010 in St Nicholas's parish church, a 13th-century building in Nether Winchendon, Buckinghamshire. The lovebirds, who have since welcomed two children together, celebrated their nuptials with fellow Strictly stars Anton Du Beke, Karen Hardy and the late Sir Bruce Forsyth. Of seeing his stunning bride, New-Zealand born Brendan revealed: "Zoe just looked like an angel. She takes my breath away."

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Brendan Cole married Zoe Hobbs on 26 June 2010

"Brendan and I just kept looking at each other and grinning throughout the day," added Zoe, who looked sensational in a floor-length bespoke Peter Langner gown and veil with Tach jewellery. "Seeing Brendan there was incredible. As soon as I saw him, I just felt incredibly calm. He looked so handsome in his morning suit." As Brendan and Zoe exchanged vows, they gazed into each other's eyes and shared a sweet moment. "I was worried that I'd break down during the vows," said Zoe. "But my strongest emotion was sheer joy. It was just so amazing to look into Brendan's eyes in that beautiful church in front of all our friends and families and to know that I get to keep him forever and that the bond of marriage makes us even stronger."

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The wedding party then moved on to the picturesque grounds of Nether Winchendon House, a medieval manor that has featured in several films and TV shows, including Tomorrow Never Dies and Inspector Morse. "The amazing weather helped a great deal and created a wonderful, relaxed atmosphere," the new bride told HELLO!. The stars of Strictly took the opportunity to catch up with one another. Presenter Bruce recalled the moment Brendan, who began dating Zoe in 2007, first introduced Zoe to him. "Straight away I said to him, 'She looks lovely. You've got a good one here. Take care of her.'"

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During the emotional speech, it was clear that Brendan was close to tears. Turning to Zoe, he said: "You are a generous, loving, gorgeous person who makes me feel really good every single day. I love you to bits and want to make your life the best it can be. Thank you very much for marrying me." Zoe couldn't hold back her tears. "There is something very beautiful about hearing the person you love telling a room full of people how much he loves you," she said.

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After the speeches the couple had their first dance, to Everything by Canadian singer Michael Bublé. "If ever Zoe was going to leave me, it would be for Michael Bublé," joked Brendan. They hadn't prepared a routine and Zoe hadn't relished the idea of dancing in front of professionals. "It's quite a lot of pressure," laughed Brendan, to which Zoe quipped: "To look around and see your friends and family smiling, laughing, dancing and having a wonderful day is just the best feeling."

Following their star-studded celebrations, Brendan and Zoe headed off to honeymoon in the Seychelles, looking forward to a new chapter in their lives. "The exciting thing is that we’ve found someone we want to spend the rest of our lives with," said Zoe, who has modelled for brands including Burberry and Hugo Boss, and worked with Olay. "We've achieved what we've wanted to in our careers and have travelled the world. This is a new era." Brendan concluded: "We're both feisty, but we have the same morals."

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