Exclusive: Princess Beatrice’s former PT shares her pre-wedding fitness tips

Could this be how Princess Beatrice is preparing for her big day?

Bridie Wilkins

Princess Beatrice is set to marry property tycoon Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi on Friday 29 May. The pair announced the news in September 2019 after Edoardo popped the question during a trip to Italy, and details are slowly but surely coming to light. What you won’t have heard much about though, is how Princess Beatrice will train ahead of the big day. Cue Nadya Fairweather, her former PT.

In 2010, Nadya had the pleasure of training her “dream client” Princess Beatrice for her first marathon, after which Nadya told us all about her unwavering focus and determination. Now, Nadya says, "I’m sure that leading up to her wedding, Princess Beatrice will have a great exercise routine to minimise stress, maintain her muscle strength, cardiovascular fitness and postural balance," and this is what she suggests for anyone else planning their nuptials.


Princess Beatrice was the first member of the royal family to run the marathon

First things first, decide on your goal. “Training for a wedding depends on what you want to get out of it,” says Nadya. “Some train for stress relief, others for weight loss, others for feel good endorphins.” Once you’ve got that in place, it’s time to get started.

Nadya says there’s one non-negotiable that applies to all pre-wedding wellness regimes: cutting alcohol. Not least for its anxiety-inducing properties (likely exacerbated by the stress of planning a wedding), but for its propensity to hinder motivation (no-one wants to hit the gym on a hangover), it’s a small price to pay ahead of the big day.

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Then you’ll need to impose a schedule. “Brides to be should have a routine of daily activity which includes a healthy dose of walking plus anything else they enjoy,” Nadya suggests. The idea is that by choosing exercise you look forward to, you’re more likely to stick to your regime. “It’s also important to set short term goals. This could be a weekly 5km park run or fitting in three yoga classes per week,” says Nadya. Don’t overwhelm yourself.


Princess Beatrice will marry Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi on May 29

As for choosing between different types of exercise, Nadya recommends Pilates as an effective way of improving posture and core strength- both vital for your wedding day when you’ll mostly be on your feet. In fact, fellow royal Meghan Markle credited her wedding physique to Megaformer Pilates, a form of Pilates using a machine to incorporate resistance training.

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HIIT, meanwhile, might seem like an obvious go-to for fat loss since it’s proven to accelerate heart rate and metabolism, but Nadya says to “try and avoid hard core, high octane training that puts a lot of stress on your system”. Between confirming a guestlist, choosing a wedding dress and deciding on a venue (the list goes on), you’ll undoubtedly be feeling the pressure, and adding high intensity exercise into the mix will only promote cortisol (stress hormone) levels which may cause weight gain.  

Yoga and meditation are both great alleviators. “A little bit of each every day will help,” affirms Nadya. “Trying to fit in a more calming routine before bed will also aid in a restful night’s sleep.”

Granted, this all seems like a lot to fit in besides wedding planning, and so you may want to consider inviting friends or family to join your sessions. “If you find time is limited, train with your future husband/wife to be,” says Nadya. “It will give you some quality time together and help keep you motivated towards the same goal. Training with friends can be a whole lot more fun than on your own, too.” Having someone to hold you accountable if you don’t show up for workouts will also help keep you on track.

Where food is concerned, reports say that Princess Beatrice has converted to veganism full-time, after she previously hosted a birthday party with an entirely plant-based menu. Inspired? Check out our vegan wedding menu ideas here

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