Look back at Sandbanks Summer star Harry Redknapp's wedding to wife Sandra

The I'm a Celebrity 2018 winner has been married over 52 years

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They have been together for 55 years and married for 52, but Harry Redknapp's love for his wife Sandra appears as strong as ever. The 73-year-old won over viewers by sharing details about his marriage on I'm a Celebrity in 2018, and now the couple's bond is clear to see as they star together on his new ITV show, Sandbanks Summer.

Harry and Sandra married on 30 June 1967 after they met in their local pub when they were 17. They tied the knot at Barking Abbey church, close to where they both grew up, and photos Harry has shared from the big day on Instagram show the couple standing together in front of the church after their ceremony, with Harry looking dapper in a black suit with a pale tie, and his wife dressed in a long-sleeve lace gown with a veil positioned on top of her head.


Harry and Sandra Redknapp have been married more than 50 years

The newlyweds looked the picture of happiness, and Harry has previously shared details of their low-key wedding, where their guests tucked into sandwiches at a local members' club. Harry's best friend and fellow footballer Frank Lampard was his best man, but broke his leg just a few days previously, meaning he had to attend the wedding on crutches. Frank later went on to marry Sandra's sister, meaning their children – including footballer Frank Lampard Jr – are cousins with Harry and Sandra's sons Mark and Jamie Redknapp.

GALLERY: Inside Harry Redknapp's home with wife Sandra

Speaking to HELLO! in 2019, Harry revealed the secret to their long-lasting marriage, saying: "Keep calm. It's like people get road rage - 10 seconds and it will calm down. Don't argue." Heaping more praise on his beloved wife, Harry continued: "She is so placid you couldn't have a row with Sandra if you tried. If I ever do get uptight she goes, 'Look at you, calm down.' And then five seconds later I have calmed down, and that's it really."


Harry shared the secret to their long-lasting marriage with HELLO!

He added: "I know it might sound corny, but we very rarely have an argument - we really don't, we get on great which is very lucky really. You are lucky to get on so well with someone and enjoy being with someone so much - I love being with Sandra - I love it, she's my life!"

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