3 JANUARY 2002

Enrique Iglesias was spotted canoodling with tennis star Anna Kournikova in Hollywood, but it wasn’t a sign of the latest romance for the Latin singing sensation. The two were wrapping up shooting the music video for Enrique’s newest release, Escape.

Filmed at the Universal City Walk mall in LA, the clip features the Russian beauty, wearing a beige top and denim hipsters, in a romantic clinch with the 26-year-old heart-throb. Directing Enrique’s latest work is Dave Myers, the mastermind behind a number of acclaimed videos, including Janet Jackson’s All For You and Britney Spears’s Lucky.

Known as one of the most beautiful athletes in the world, Anna follows in the footsteps of I Know What You Did Next Summer actress Jennifer Love Hewitt, who starred alongside actor Mickey Rourke in Enrique’s steamy video, Hero. The tennis diva with the cover girl looks has long said she’d like to act, but this isn’t Anna’s first foray into the craft. She has already appeared in a cameo role alongside Jim Carrey in Me, Myself And Irene.

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Enrique and Anna were all smiles as they wrapped shooting for his new music video Escape, the title track from his hit album
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This isn't the tennis star's first venture into film - in addition to a number of TV adverts and her own exercise video, she's also had a cameo on the big screen alongside Jim Carrey in Me, Myself and Irene

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