TV baddie Trevor Morgan, played by Alex Ferns, horrified viewers as he brutally abused his on-screen wife, Little Mo. “It is good that Trevor is leaving,” says the actor, “because you can only take a character like this so far”
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7 AUGUST 2002
It looks like fans of the British soap EastEnders will have to do without their regular dose of the show’s baddie Trevor Morgan, the character whose terrorising of wife Little Mo earned him a reputation as the most loathed man on TV. Thirty-three-year-old actor Alex Ferns has announced he’s quitting the show in the coming months.

“I’ll be leaving EastEnders within the year,” confirmed Alex, who won two gongs at this year’s British Soap Awards as best newcomer and best villain. “I don’t want to say why. It’s not my choice, but it’s gone the way I want it.”

And though the bad boy character will be written off the programme, viewers can expect that he won’t have a quiet ride off into the sunset. “It’s going to get interesting” before his departure, Alex revealed to British newspaper The Sun.

The actor says it’s time to call it a day on Trevor – called by one EastEnders executive “one of the best villains we’ve ever had” – who horrified viewers as he abused his wife, raping her and trapping her hand under an iron. “It is good that Trevor is leaving,” says Alex, “because you can only take a character like this so far.”

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