Serena shows that her strength is matched by her beauty in the new Sports Illustrated photo spread
Photo: Sports Illustrated/
Walter Iooss Jr
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20 FEBRUARY 2003
Wimbledon champ Serena Williams has been showing her feminine side in new swimwear photoshoot.

The tennis ace, best-known for her physical power and lightening fast speed, looks more like a supermodel than a super-athlete in the latest Sports Illustrated swimwear edition.

Dressed in a white bikini and a simple white wrap, the 21-year-old, who strikes fear into the hearts of tennis players everywhere, is a picture of gentle femininity. Her arms seem to have lost the striking definition that regularly sends 120-mph serves rocketing towards her opponents

By appearing in the publication's famous swimwear special, she joins an elite selection of models, which has included the likes of Elle Macpherson. Serena's interest in the world of fashion has been growing in recent months, and the pictures are just the latest in a series of style statements.

She stole the show at Flushing Meadow in New York last August by appearing in a one piece black catsuit. The young millionaire also raised a few eyebrows by hitting the court in Melbourne wearing an off-the-shoulder dress.

While some people criticised her choice of sporting apparel as inappropriate, they were soon silenced by her on-court performance. The determined ace, who is studying fashion at college in Florida, became the fifth woman ever to hold the French, US, Australian and Wimbledon titles simultaneously.


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