Athina and "Doda" (centre) leave their hotel as a guard looks on
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The teenager has been enjoying a few days' vacation at the luxury resort of Punta del Este
Photo: © AFP

21 OCTOBER 2003

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Onassis heiress Athina Roussell has been enjoying a break in Uruguay with her boyfriend Alvaro de Miranda Neto. The Onassis heiress and her Brazilian beau were staying at the seaside resort of Punta del Este with a group of close friends.

Athina became the world's richest teenager when she took control of the vast Onassis business empire last January. Since then she has been spending most of her time with Alvaro, who is known to his friends as "Doda".

Her romance with the 31-year-old divorcé has raised eyebrows in some society circles, but Athina's father Thierry is said to approve of the relationship.

The young brunette is the granddaughter and sole heir of Greek shipping magnate Aristotle Onassis. When she turned 18 on January 23 she inherited a fortune estimated at up to £5 billion, making her a great deal wealthier than the Queen of England. The empire includes an airline, over 80 different companies, New York's Olympic Tower and a fleet of 38 ships.

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