Madame Tussauds gets into the holiday spirit with their celebrity nativity scene
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David and Victoria Beckham looking "divine" in their roles as Joseph and Mary, with Kylie Minogue as a seductive angel hovering overhead


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David and Victoria Beckham have taken centre stage this year as Madame Tussauds approaches the Christmas story with a twist of its own. The popular museum, world-renowned for its waxworks of famous people, has decided to give Posh and Becks the leading roles as Joseph and Mary in their nativity scene.

The life-size replicas of the couple, dressed up in ancient robes, appear alongside a host of other famous replicas which have been re-garbed for the occasion. Bringing the infant Jesus gold, frankincense and myrrh this Christmas are the Three Wise Men from the west rather than the east: George Bush, Tony Blair and Prince Philip.

The three shepherds who complete the scene are non other than the bible-quoting gangster from Pulp Fiction, Samuel L Jackson; Hugh Grant - complete with a lamb in hand; and comedian Graham Norton. Meanwhile the sultry angel Kylie Minogue strikes a seductive pose above the manger.

But don't expect to see Hugh Grant checking out the holiday role his wax double has taken on. Hugh recently indicated that he was less than impressed with the replica of himself at the famous London waxworks.

"In 1994, they asked me whether I wanted to work with them in creating a wax figure and let myself be measured up. To make sure the result was good, I played along and let every inch of me be measured," the popular actor was quoted as saying. But he added: "The result is awful! They ought to put my figure into the chamber of horrors alongside the mass murderers."



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