Angelina listens in at a round-table discussion on international development. The Alexander star is widely-recognised for her commitment to helping impoverished nations
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Sharon Stone led calls for more to be done to tackle the Aids crisis in Africa
Photo: AFP

28 JANUARY 2005

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Political leaders gathered for the World Economic Forum have received a visit from two of cinema's hottest leading ladies. Angelina Jolie and Sharon Stone both jetted into the Swiss city of Davos in an effort to help the world's needy.

Angelina, who is well-known for her work as a United Nations goodwill ambassador, lent her voice to those calling for an end to extreme poverty. Sharon was meanwhile taking a central role in talks about how to tackle the Aids crisis in Africa.

The two silver screen sirens weren't the only big stars making their presence felt. U2 frontman Bono was also at the summit. Sharing a platform with British prime minister Tony Blair and Microsoft tycoon Bill Gates, he appealed to governments to make poverty a thing of the past.

"My job as a rock star and activist is to loudly applaud when politicians get it right and to make their lives a misery when they do not," declared the singer. "This generation wants to be remembered for something beyond the war on terrorism and the internet."

The Irish star argued that Britain had an "historic opportunity" after recently taking over as president of the G8 group of wealthy nations. And it appears Mr Blair is heeding his call, because he pledged to make the fight against poverty his number one priority.

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