The Slough paper mill boss shows his workmates how to set the dancefloor ablaze. Ricky Gervais' most famous character forever laid to rest the myth that you need rhythm or coordination to be a truly great booty-shaker
Photo: BBC
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Voters decided the comedian's gyrations merited the title of the BBC's Greatest Ever Moment
Photo: BBC

25 FEBRUARY 2005

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When David Brent decided to show off his dancing skills back in 2002 it seemed distinctly unlikely that he would be winning any plaudits. Indeed it would be closer to the truth to say the nation cringed with embarrassment when The Office's leading man went gyrating around his workplace with arms and legs flailing in all directions.

But it would seem the boss from hell's bopping abilities should not be underestimated, as his unforgettable fit of funkiness has been voted the BBC's Greatest Ever Moment. A poll of programme-makers revealed that, after 75 years of broadcasting, the Brent boogie is the beeb's finest achievement.

One in five of those polled voted for Ricky Gervais' unforgettable gesticulations as the most priceless treasure in the organisation's huge archive. "It has the mark of ever-lasting comedy genius," enthused director of television Jana Nennett.

Fellow funny-man Rowan Atkinson came a close second, with the final scene in Blackadder Goes Forth, when he leads his men into a hail of bullets at the Battle of the Somme. And the fearsome Daleks meanwhile exterminated their challengers for third place, with their 1963 debut in Doctor Who.

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