Click here to send this news item to a friend Heather Mills-McCartney was left wincing in pain after her prosthetic leg became detached during a clash with security guards at Jennifer Lopez' New York office. Sir Paul McCartney's wife paid a visit to the headquarters of J Lo's Sweetface fashion label on Wednesday afternoon to protest against the use of fur in some of its designs. Tempers apparently flared after the charity campaigner arrived with a group of protesters. After the party refused to leave, security guards decided to escort then out of the building and it was then that her prosthetic leg twisted and became loose.

"It's true her limb became detached," revealed a spokesman for the 37-year-old. "People For The Ehtical Treatment of Animals has been trying to speak to J Lo for two years. That's why they resorted to going to her office."

Representatives from the animal rights group have meanwhile stressed that Heather visited the premises of her own volition. "Heather Mills-McCartney took it upon herself to go to the Sweetface offices yesterday," confirmed a spokesman. "J Lo said in a recent interview, 'If somebody wants to educate me about fur they can do'. Heather wanted to be the person to do that."

The former model insists that, in spite of the unpleasant experience, she won't be swayed from her mission and she intends to stake out the Latin diva's home. "PETA has tried for years to educate her about fur, at first quietly and now like this," she said. "She keeps saying she wants to be educated. So the next stage is I'll find out where she lives and show up there."

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Photo: © Alphapress.com
Heather stands in front of a giant poster of the Bronx-born beauty at the Sweetface headquarters. The charity campaigner says she will visit the star's home to convey her message if necessary
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