Nicky and Paris' take on fancy dress for Halloween didn't include fake blood or hideous make-up
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Jamie Lee Curtis is used to scaring audiences in movie theatres but her costume for a children's charity fundraiser was positively cheerful
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31 OCTOBER 2005

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Dressing-up with vampire fangs and fake blood may be some people's idea of Halloween but it's not for the Hilton sisters. Arriving at an LA party to celebrate the ghoulish festival, the hotel heiresses could hardly have been less scary.

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Instead Paris saluted photographers with the fangs strung around her neck to accessorize the leopard-skin bikini, which was her interpretation of the call to don Halloween attire. Meanwhile little sister Nicky decided to pay a cheeky tribute to the city's police department in a cop's uniform.

Over in Santa Monica, Jamie Lee Curtis had also gone for a light-hearted look at a fundraiser for children affected by HIV. The actress, who's done her share of terrifying cinema-goers in the Halloween series, looked cheerful in a colourful vaudeville-style costume. On stage she charmed guests with a trick or two, flourishing her top hat and pulling out a rabbit.