Romeo, pictured in the holiday resort of Saint Tropez two weeks before he suffered his first bout of illness
Photo: Rex
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18 NOVEMBER 2005

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Romeo Beckham has been taken to hospital for the fourth time in three months. His worried parents Victoria and David took him to a private clinic in Madrid after he developed a high fever and his temperature soared to 104F.

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Doctors diagnosed the couple's second son with bronchitis and kept him in overnight as a precaution. He's now resting at the family's home in the Spanish capital.

It follows a scare when Victoria took Romeo to hospital twice in one week in October after he suffered convulsions. In August he was treated at Princess Alexandra Hospital in Harlow because he'd had a fit.

On Monday David and Victoria flew in from a romantic weekend in London, where the soccer ace had "pampered his wife rotten" so she could unwind after the stress of Romeo's recent illness. "Him falling sick again so soon has knocked them for six," revealed an insider.

But a source at Madrid's exclusive Ruber Clinic, where the three-year-old was examined this week sought to allay fears, saying: "Romeo's complaint is different from previous occasions and bronchial-type complaints are common among children of his age."

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