Lady Helen and Tim arrive for the seasonal party in Claridge's Hotel
Photo: © Rex
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The mum-of-four keeps a watchful eye on little Eloise as she rides on the carousel
Photo: © Rex


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Lady Helen Taylor brought a touch of aristocratic chic to a charity event in London at the weekend. The 41-year-old was accompanied by her husband Tim and elder daughter Eloise when she stepped out for the St Nicholas Party in Claridge's Hotel.

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The upmarket venue was transformed for the event, with fairground rides and Christmas decorations replacing its usual décor. And little Eloise, who was clutching a toy phone in her hand, seemed to be thoroughly enjoying herself as she joined other children for a ride on a carousel.

The two-year-old may not have been aware there was a more serious side to event. Amid all the festive fun, money was being raised for the charity Clic Sargent, which helps families whose children have been affected by cancer.

Eloise's grandmother, the Duchess of Kent, is the organisation's chief patron, so it was small surprise the family decided to go along. They also have some personal experience with serious illness, though, as Tim was diagnosed with Hodgkin's disease, a form of lymphatic cancer, in 1998. A gruelling course of chemotherapy followed, but he eventually managed to overcome the disease.

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