Although Paris has a penchant for pint-sized pooches, in the past she has also counted a goat, a ferret and a kinkajou among her menagerie
Photo: Rex
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The hotel heiress is as famous for her choice of animal companions as she is for her outsize shades and high profile love life
Photo: Rex

15 DECEMBER 2005

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It seems Paris Hilton has been adding to her growing collection of pets. The animal-loving heiress was recently spotted on the streets of LA with two cute, teacup-sized pooches.

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Accompanied by her little sister Nicky, the reality TV star hit the city's shops carrying the tiny canines. And her furry friends may soon be making key decisions for the 24-year-old. Paris has said she relies on her Chihuahua Tinkerbell to approve new suitors. "If Tink likes a guy, I know they're good," she once revealed.

The blonde beauty, who also counts a ferret, a goat and a kinkajou among her menagerie, is so attached to her pets she once tried to board a plane with the animals after a shopping spree in Las Vegas. Unimpressed flight attendants directed her to the nearest car hire to make the six-hour drive home to California.

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