15 JUNE 2006

At a reception in Madrid recently the talk was all of Linda Evangelista's glowing appearance. Nothing unusual there, after all the Ontario-born beauty was one of the world's original supermodels, but at the time, onlookers wondered if her pale gold voluminous shift dress could be hiding more than just her legendary figure.

Afterwards the fashion queen admitted that she did have some good news to announce. "I'm overjoyed," she said. "My baby gives my life meaning." The 41-year-old is reportedly stepping out with a New York architect who has not been named.

Linda, who is thought to be about four months pregnant, has always been open about her desire to become a mother. In 1987 the Canadian beauty wed Gerald Marie, her boss at the Elite model agency in Paris. With her Roman Catholic Italian background, she said marriage was for ever and that she wanted six children, but they split after five years.

Then, in 1999, the model suffered a miscarriage at six months while in a relationship with French footballer Fabien Barthez. Despite her sadness, Linda remained optimistic about the future. "I would like to have children," she said last year. "I will have children."

Photo: HOLA
The 41-year-old supermodel has said she is "overjoyed" to be expecting a child. According to reports she is about four months pregnant