14 MARCH 2007

It was best foot forward at the weekend for Heather Mills as she got in some last minute preparation for Dancing With The Stars. The 39-year-old was put through her paces by her partner on the show, Jonathan Roberts, as they perfected their style in a London dance studio.

And with less than a week to go before the US equivalent of Strictly Come Dancing kicks off, Heather, who plans to donate her earnings from the programme to an animal charity, insists she's not nervous about strutting her stuff on screens across America. Even though reports are circulating that she and her partner may be the first couple voted off the show.

"I don't really get nervous - unless I'm going to meet a potential mother-in-law," joked the anti-land-mines campaigner, adding wryly: "Not that that's going to happen now." Heather is the first contestant with an artificial limb to appear on the show, but she insists her situation won't be a barrier to dancing as she is "quite flexible".

And Paul McCartney's estranged wife has clear views on the benefits for others of her participation with the show, saying the sight of her doing the soft show shuffle is "going to help a lot of kids with disabilities". "Adults that want to get up and learn to dance will know that with an artificial leg you can dance," she adds.

Photo: © Alphapress.com
Heather Mills, pictured with dance partner Jonathan Roberts (far right) leaving a dance studio in the UK on Saturday Photo: © RexClich on photo to enlarge