The animal rights campaigner told listeners that she still loves her estranged husband in a recent radio interview
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Heather and Paul, pictured in happier times, were married for four years and have a young daughter together
Photo: © Alphapress.com

'I'll always love Paul' reveals Heather Mills

16 MARCH 2007

As their divorce proceeds through the British courts, Heather Mills has revealed she still loves her estranged husband. "I'll always love Paul," said the anti-landmines activist in a British radio interview. "He's the father of my child and I'll always have strong feelings for him."

Heather spoke of her continuing affection for The Beatles legend during a whirlwind tour of British radio stations on Thursday to promote an animal rights charity.

Unsurprisingly, the subject of her divorce was top of the list during the interviews. When asked when it would be finalised, the former model said she had no idea, adding: "It's not down to me, it's all down to the hubby."

Heather, who was married to music icon Paul for four years, also spoke of the kindness she has encountered from members of the public in recent months. "I have just had so much support," said the 39-year-old. "If I go out for a dance or a drink or to a restaurant I get people coming up all the time saying 'We want to help you'."

Next up for the mum-of-one is an appearance on US reality show Dancing With The Stars, which kicks off Stateside on Monday.

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