Kate, who is very close to Carole, has been comforting her mum since the hurtful stories were published
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Her erstwhile beau, who is on a troop commanders course with his Blues and Royals regiment in Dorset, has called his former girlfriend to offer his support. He is said to be horrified by reports that Kate's breeding and her mum's aspirations for her daughter contributed to their split
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Horrified Wills calls to reassure Kate over class slurs

18 APRIL 2007

A concerned Prince William has phoned his ex-girlfriend Kate Middleton to offer support and reassure her that neither he nor his family and friends have anything to do with the disparaging comments which have been published in the British press over the last two days. He is reported to be horrified at the damage they are causing.

Just 24 hours after news of the couple's split broke, newspapers were quoting sources close to the royal family as having criticised Kate's middle class background, specifically her mum Carole's aspirations for her daughter and previous career as an air stewardess. "William does not believe that anyone genuinely - or even remotely - connected with him would say such things, and is horrified these reports have emerged," says a friend close to the second-in-line to the throne. "He suspects there is a great deal of mischief going on… and thinks it is extremely unfair and totally unnecessary, particularly for Kate and her family." Buckingham Palace has also made moves to distance itself from the remarks, which indicated the Queen allegedly disliked Carole.

"There has never been any meetings between the two and the Queen certainly wouldn't voice an opinion on her," said one source. "The reports which allege that the Palace was horrified at Mrs Middleton's so-called behaviour simply aren't true and are really quite offensive to all those concerned," added a senior aide who also confirmed that the monarch had, however, met Kate and liked her.

Carole, a millionaire through her online toy business Party Pieces, has reportedly been so upset by the furore that Kate's dad Michael has booked a holiday so they can get away from it all. St Andrews graduate Kate, 25, meanwhile, has been comforting her mum, to whom she is very close. It was said that friends of her former beau had taken to greeting Kate's arrival with whispers of "door-to-manual", referring to Carole's former career.

It seems concerns over the pretty brunette's breeding and suitability as a future Queen, or her mother's alleged lack of social graces, had nothing to do with the end of the four-year relationship, however. A royal aide emphasised that it was simply a case of two people who met at university drifting apart. "The break up is completely amicable and both Kate and William are still very supportive of each other."

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