10 MAY 2007

Less than two weeks after he debuted a dramatic platinum hairdo, David Beckham has had his quiffed peroxide locks shorn. And the new crew-cut leaves almost no evidence of his former blond bombshell look.

The 32-year-old football icon adopted the striking shade to co-ordinate with his wife's newly sun-kissed 'do in preparation for a joint magazine shoot with top photographer Steven Klein. With the session with the snapper over, however, Becks gave the controversial crop the snip, debuting a new streamlined look at a Real Madrid training session this week.

His former spiky blond style apparently fell out of favour after he received a ribbing about it from team-mates who compared him to legendary screen blonde Marilyn Monroe.

Photo: © Alphapress.com
Blond today, gone tomorrow. David shows off his new style during a Real Madrid training session this weekPhoto: © Reuters
Photo: © Alphapress.com
The 32-year-old footie legend adopted his controversial peroxide blond 'do for a joint magazine shoot with wife Victoria. As soon as the photo session was out of the way, however, he had his bleached locks snipped off Photo: © Reuters