11 MAY 2007

David Beckham has been harnessing the power of his blistering free-kick for a good cause by appearing in a TV ad calling for action to halt the spread of malaria. The player known as Golden Boots is the star of a tongue-in-cheek black and white commercial calling for more mosquito nets to protect African children.

In the 30-second clip the football ace is shown preparing to hit the back of the net. "What's important is getting into the zone," the 32-year-old sportsman says as he lines up his shot. "I don't change my mind, if I take a good enough free kick, the goal keeper won't stop it."

The ball is heading for the goal in typical Becks fashion, but is deflected by a groundsman who gets in the way while mowing the pitch. A message on the screen then flashes up, saying: "We need more nets".

LA-bound David's ad aired on US TV during the talent show American Idol. He was making the appeal on behalf of the charity Malaria No More, for further details see www.malarianomore.org.

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Photo: © Alphapress.com
The sportsman has lent his star power to a 30-second commercial calling for nets to halt the spread of malariaPhoto: © www.malarianomore.org
Photo: © Alphapress.com
The soccer ace delivers his legendary curve ball, only to see it deflected out of the goal mouth by a passing groundsmanPhoto: © www.malarianomore.org