6 JUNE 2007

As Paris Hilton settles into her first week in an LA detention centre, her mother Kathy - who took her to the facility on Sunday night - has said the experience will be beneficial to her daughter. "She thinks Paris will emerge from this a better person," said the Simple Life star's publicist. The 26-year-old has so far received visits from her lawyer - who says she is coping as well as possible - and her therapist.

Paris, who's expected to serve at least 23 days, had said she wants to be treated like everyone else. "I'm going to do the time, I'm going to do it the right way," she emphasised in a statement. Her attorney Richard Hutton reveals his client's reaction to her changed circumstances has been fantastic. "I'm very, very proud of her," he says, adding "the staff here have reported that she's been gracious, polite, and thankful for their help."

A spokesman for the LA County Sheriff's Department concurs. "Her demeanour was helpful, she was focused, she was cooperative," he said. Paris has a cell to herself in an area reserved for high-profile prisoners and is allowed out for one hour a day to shower or make phone calls.

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According to reports coming out of the detention facility Paris, pictured attending the MTV awards just hours before starting her sentence, is on best behaviour and coping well with her changed circumstancesPhoto: © Getty ImagesClick on photo to enlarge