22 JUNE 2007

Ever since they got together at her 30th birthday party, Kate Moss and Pete Doherty have captured the world's imagination with their volatile relationship. And now, with the publication of his journals, the Babyshambles frontman has lifted the lid on one of the celebrity world's most intriguing unions.

In The Books Of Albion: The Collected Writings Of Peter Doherty, the 28-year-old musician reveals he is to tie the knot with his model love - as long as he can steer clear of substance abuse. "We shall marry in the summer and I become ten times happier," he writes.

Although he details the pair's arguments in the £20 coffee table tome - which features photos, artwork, lyrics, thoughts and poems - there is also ample evidence he is besotted with mum-of-one Kate. "Hold me in your arms and I want for nothing… but your sweet scent, your supple body and skin," he says, adding: "I love her and no other, and the tiffs and tumults come between magical happy times."

The diaries, which Pete began writing in 1999 before he found fame with his first band The Libertines, also feature an entry from Kate. The 33-year-old style icon, who Pete refers to as a "shining light of hope", pays tribute to her beau with the words: "You have touched my heart and soul... my sweet."

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The 28-year-old musician has lifted the lid on his relationship with the Croydon-born supermodel in the coffee table tome which was published this weekPhoto: ©
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In The Books Of Albion: The Collected Writings Of Peter Doherty, which is comprised of journal entries dating back to 1999, the musician writes candidly about his troubled life and the supermodel with whom he shares it