The patter of tiny feet may well be on the horizon for former Doctor Who actress Billie Piper, after the 24-year-old has revealed she is keen to start a family. "I'm terribly broody," she says.

Though the former pop star now wants children of her own, it seems that having a baby wasn't high on her list of priorities until recently. "I haven't always been (broody) because I've two sisters and a brother, they're a lot younger than me and I took care of them a lot," she explains. "Back then I thought, 'I can't imagine having a child'. Now I really can. I can feel it, it's strange."

Billie's change of heart on motherhood no doubt has a lot to do with finding Mr Right, her 29-year-old actor fiancé Laurence Fox, whom she is to wed this year. The pair met while sharing a stage in West End play Treats, but the busy actress has hinted that at least one of them will have to cut down on the amount of work they do in the future if they're to make the most of time with each other.

"The hardest thing about us both being actors is that it's not just an eight-hour day, it's your life for however long you're shooting," she tells The Radio Times "I don't know that you can do it all the time or you'd never see each other."

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The 24-year-old former Dr Who star - who is due to marry her actor fiancé Laurence Fox this year - has revealed that although it wasn't a priority until recently she's now ready to become a mumPhoto: © Getty Images Click on photo to enlarge