8 OCTOBER 2007

Blonde bombshell Pamela Anderson is no doubt counting on the phrase "third time lucky" ringing true after walking down the aisle again, this time with long-time friend Rick Soloman. The couple, who last week applied for a marriage licence in Las Vegas, tied the knot at a ceremony at the city's Mirage Hotel on Saturday evening.

Pam, 40, wore a white denim Valentino dress for the intimate ceremony, which was attended by family members, including her two sons from her first marriage to Tommy Lee, Brandon and Dylan, as well as American actors Tobey Maguire and Lucas Haas.

The newlyweds - who have been inseparable since they got together over a poker game in September - had little time to celebrate their new union, however. The nuptials were conducted in the hour-and-a-half break between her 7pm and 10pm stage show, during which she assists magician Hans Klok

"Hello, I just got married… I did," said the former Baywatch star after her second performance of the night. "I'm distracted. It's a big day. A big day at the office."

The ceremony also marks the third time wedding bells have sounded for Rick - an ex-boyfriend of Paris Hilton - who has two daughters from his first marriage to a voice-over actress, and was briefly married to Beverly Hills, 90210 actress Shannen Doherty in 2002.

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The couple, who made their intentions known last weekend when they applied for a marriage license, wed on Saturday night in a break between Pamela's stage appearances for magician Hans KlokPhoto: © Canadian PressClick on photo to enlarge