15 OCTOBER 2007

It’s a well known rule that the bridesmaid should never outshine the bride, but that’s exactly what Victoria Beckham has been doing - albeit in the name of good TV. The Spice Girl has filmed her cameo role as a celebrity bridesmaid on hit sitcom Ugly Betty and her diva behaviour clearly has the bride Wilhelmina up in arms.

Photos released from the set show Posh lapping up the attention during a dress fitting, dancing on the tables during a wild hen night and being surrounded by photographers. "No one steals Wilhelmina’s thunder," says the actress who plays the villainous magazine editor - Vanessa Williams. So instead of a gorgeous Vera Wang dress, David Beckham's wife will apparently be seen wearing something more like "a sack" for the wedding.

"Victoria had a blast filming - and everyone loved having her on," a source told The Daily Mail. Her services didn’t come cheap though. She has reportedly been paid £70,000 for playing herself in the episode which airs in the US on November 8 and also features celebrity wedding dress designer Vera Wang.

Photo: © Alphapress.com
The Spice Girl, pictured in paris earlier this month, has filmed her role on the hit sitcom as a scene-stealing celebrity bridesmaid Photo: © Getty Images
Photo: © Alphapress.com
Starring America Ferrera, the show is based around the staff of fictional fashion magazine ModePhoto: © Channel 4