When pictures of Paul McCartney enjoying a stroll along the Long Island shore with a pretty companion were published in a British newspaper this week, his estranged wife Heather Mills was less than happy. And according to reports, she's made her feelings clear in a call to the music icon asking why he hadn't told her about the date with US businesswoman Nancy Shevell.

"Heather demanded to know what… he was up to," a friend of the former model and anti-landmines campaigner tells The Daily Mirror. "She was furious because he hadn't told her about Nancy himself."

The call came after pictures appeared of the 65-year-old singer dining out and sharing kisses with the American socialite at the weekend in New York. Nancy and her husband - powerful East Coast lawyer Bruce Blakeman - are old friends of the former Beatle and his late wife Linda.

"Her argument with Paul was the culmination of a very stressful week for her," revealed the pal. "She is also clashing with Paul on custody issues. And now she finds out he's got someone new in his life. She just boiled over."

While Heather's publicist has confirmed she spoke to Paul about reports of a romance with Nancy, she put paid to reports that she's upset about the situation. "Heather spoke to Paul and he swore to her it wasn't true." She says. "But even if it was, she says that he is a free man and he can do what he wants. She is not distraught."

Photo: © Alphapress.com
The singer's estranged wife apparently put in a call to Sir Paul after photos of him enjoying a series of weekend dates with American businesswoman Nancy Shevell were published in the British pressPhoto: © Getty ImagesClick on photo to enlarge