31 DECEMBER 2007

The romantic developments since the end of Strictly Come Dancing would merit a show all of their own. The intense physical chemistry between Matt Di Angelo, 20, and his beautiful dance partner Flavia Cacace seems to have blossomed into an intimate friendship.

So strong are her feelings for Matt Flavia has moved out of the home she's shared for the last 11 years with her 29-year-old tango champ boyfriend Vincent Simone and returned to her parents' home.

Asked about her relationship with the EastEnders actor the sultry 27-year-old was keeping mum, but responded with a smile.

Vincent - who, partnered with actress Stephanie Beacham, went out of the competition in the second week - was more forthcoming, however.

"I could see that their body language said it all," he admitted after seeing the pair cosying up together at the wrap party. "She told me: 'I've got feelings for Matt. I don't know quite what yet but I've got feelings for him'."

Photo: © Alphapress.com
Their chemistry kept viewers hooked, and now a budding romance between the dance show stars has been confirmedPhoto: © BBC
Photo: © Alphapress.com
Flavia's boyfriend Vincent, seen here with his dance partner Stephanie Beacham, has said his live-in-love has moved out of the home they shared after confessing her feelings for the EastEnders actorPhoto: © BBC