Playful Tiggy, who was dumped by her previous owners, holds a very special place in her new owner's heart
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On Saturday the Men Behaving Badly star joined 100 other pet lovers in urging members of the public to give homes to abandoned animals like Tiggy
Photo: © Rex

Neil and his beloved Tiggy help launch an adopt-a-dog campaign

7 JANUARY 2008
Cuddling up to Tiggy, the six-year-old rescue dog whom he adopted with his lawyer girlfriend, Emma Killick, actor Neil Morrissey reveals he's a big softie when it comes to the cheeky Jack Russell cross.

"I love the way Tiggy is always there for us when we wake up," says the Men Behaving Badly star, who adopted Tiggy from a rescue centre and at the weekend joined a campaign urging others to follow in his example. "Sheís always happy to see us and showers us with unconditional love. She is the calming effect in the house."

Along with 100 other pet owners the actor joined an awareness-raising march from Battersea Dogs Home in London, after recounting his own experience of taking in Tiggy as a three-year-old.

"Tiggy has changed our life," he reveals. "In the same way people create a new routine when they have a baby we now have a routine built around her."

Despite her calming influence the couple's four-legged pal has a cheeky side, too, it seems. And the actor jokes she's developed "SAS skills that enable her to get onto our bed in the middle of the night without being detected".

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