When two-year-old Alistair's temperature soared to 102 degrees the couple suspected meningitis. However, doctors diagnosed an ear infection and the trio are now back at their Miami home
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Rod and Penny's son recovering at home after meningitis scare

8 JANUARY 2008
Rod Stewart and Penny Lancaster were back at their Miami home with their son Alistair yesterday, as the two-year-old recovered from a health scare his parents feared might be meningitis.

When the toddler suddenly developed a high temperature the 63-year-old rocker and his model wife were taking no chances. They immediately rushed the youngster to a nearby hospital, where doctors reassured them there was nothing to worry about.

"Rod looked very worried and Penny appeared tearful," said a source. "Like any parents, they were worried it could be something like meningitis."

Fortunately, Alistair - who is Rod's seventh child and Penny's first - was diagnosed with nothing more than an ear infection and allowed home after being examined. Strictly Come Dancing contestant Penny said: "He's responding well to the antibiotics at home."

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