8 JANUARY 2008

When weather presenter Sian Lloyd and millionaire motor-racing boss Jonathan Ashman sealed their whirlwind romance with an idyllic winter wedding in the Italianate village of Portmeirion in North Wales only seven close friends were present.

Now the newlyweds, who met ten months ago, are ready to share their memories of a day filled with love – and blessed, rather appropriately, with a burst of sunshine.

During the December 30 ceremony, Jonathan surprised his love by producing a wedding ring for her to place on his finger. "I have to say that I blubbed at that point," reveals Sian in an exclusive interview with HELLO! magazine. "I was so moved as he always said he didn't want one and he'd arranged it in secret."

The performance of a traditional Welsh song by the couple's mutual friend, international opera star Bryn Terfel, provided another high point.

But even admidst all the emotion there were plenty of lighthearted moments too, recalls Jonathan. "Sian announced she wanted to say something and (her friend) Stifyn Parri said loudly: 'She's not going to give us the weather is she?'. That set the tone for the whole day."

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In an exclusive interview with HELLO! magazine the happy couple look back on their magical winter wedding in Portmeirion, the mock-Italian village in North Wales where the TV series The Prisoner was filmedClick on photo to enlarge