He was in Brazil to launch his latest footie academy for youngsters, but David drew as much attention to his wife's latest endeavor as to his own when he stepped out in a T-shirt bearing an image of her in the nude
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The Marc Jacobs tee is part of a campaign to promote safety in the sun
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Appearing naked on Becks' chest Posh shows she's no shrinking violet

30 JANUARY 2008
Globe-trotting David Beckham found a way to keep his wife close to his heart during a visit to Brazil, where he's opened his latest football academy for kids. The sports hero wore a picture of the Spice Girl in her birthday suit emblazoned across his chest.

The striking image is being used on a Marc Jacobs T-shirt promoting the need to cover up in the sun. Victoria appears with her hands strategically placed over her chest alongside a caption reading: "Protect the skin you're in".

Big-hearted Becks cleverly killed two birds with one stone by supporting the Spice Girl's campaign while publicising his own charity endeavour. The new school will be the jewel in the crown of a lifestyle resort in the northern city of Natal, which includes eight playing fields, a 10,000-seat stadium and facilities for golf and tennis.

"I don't want to teach (Brazilians) to play football," the LA Galaxy captain told reporters. "I want to offer a safe place for kids to develop their abilities."

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