The Fools Gold actor is currently supervising renovations to a $10-million property in Malibu, where he's planning to set up home with pregnant model girlfriend Camila Alves
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Such luxurious domesticity is a stark change from the bachelor life he enjoyed when he set up home in a camper van on a trailer park. Preparing for a role in Surfer Dude, he spent the days surfing and working out by the Pacific Ocean and even used the camp's public showers
Photo: Rex

Dad-to-be Matthew swaps beach caravan for Malibu mansion

12 FEBRUARY 2008
Last year he set up home in a state-of-the-art, $65,000 camper van in preparation for a part in wave-action flick Surfer Dude and enjoyed a life revolving around barbecues, surfing and working out by the Pacific Ocean. Now Matthew McConaughey has put his 'beach bum' days behind him, though.

Although he'll still be based beside the sea, the Fools Gold actor has swapped his beloved Airstream for something a tad more conventional. He's currently supervising renovations to a new $10-million Malibu mansion which he'll share with Brazilian model girlfriend Camila Alves.

Matthew's change in living arrangements corresponds not only to the end of his bachelor days, but also to the start of an exciting new phase in his life as he looks forward to becoming a father. The screen hunk is expecting his first child with 26-year-old Camila in late June.

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