16 FEBRUARY 2008

Famous for his views on the environment, Prince Charles has taken his campaign to save the world's rainforests to the heart of Europe.

A long-time champion of green causes, the Prince delivered a speech on climate change at the European Union in Brussels. He praised efforts to cut greenhouse gasses and urged politicians to lead the way in saving the endangered rainforests.

"Surely we cannot be anything less than courageous and revolutionary in our approach," the heir to the throne told politicians during his two-day visit to Belgium.

Always keen to lead by example, the 59-year-old royal arrived in Brussels on the Eurostar, rather than private transport, to cut down his carbon footprint.

The eco-conscious Prince has also announced that he will tour the Caribbean next month on a yacht, rather than flying to the different islands, and will travel to the area on a scheduled flight.

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Famous for championing environmental causes, the Prince delivered a speech on climate change to the members of the European Parliament Photo: © AFP Click on photo to enlarge
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Practising what he preaches, eco-conscious Charles travelled to Belgium on the Eurostar rather than private transport Photo: © Getty Images