Victoria points to the tattoo of her name emblazoned across a fan's back. The unusual encounter came as the Spice Girl promoted her new line of dVb jeans in a Chicago department store
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Fashion savvy Posh comes face-to-face with fan's tattoo tribute

18 FEBRUARY 2008
Victoria Beckham met one of her biggest admirers in Chicago on Friday, and looked a trifle bemused when the particularly devoted fan insisted on sharing a rather unusual tribute. Lifting up her shirt the local woman revealed a tattoo of Posh's signature on her back.

The encounter came as the star greeted fans in the Windy City ahead of that evening's Spice Girls gig. And apparently Posh, who is no stranger to tattoos herself after earlier this month adding a new one on her wrist to her already sizeable collection, was flattered by her fan's tribute.

The tattoo wasn't the only interesting design being showcased. Multi-talented Victoria, who recently announced she was leaving the Spice Girls to concentrate on a career in fashion, was promoting her dVb jeans and sunglasses line in one of the city's department stores.

"I am very proud of myself," she revealed. "If three years ago you'd said to these stores, 'You're going to be selling Posh Spice's jeans,' they would have laughed!"