Cat Deeley, who's made a name for herself in the States with a series of high profile presenting gigs, has invited Victoria Beckahm round for some familiar British fare
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While it remains to be seen whether or not Posh will accept Cat's offer, the TV star certainly isn't short of British friends in LA. "It's kind of weird how many there are over in California now!" she laughs
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Cat invites Posh over for fish fingers as Brits 'invade' LA

29 FEBRUARY 2008
Should LA-based Victoria Beckham ever begin missing Britain there's one celebrity neighbour she's welcome to turn to for a good old natter about life back in the UK. Fellow Los Angeles resident Cat Deeley has revealed she'd love the fashionista to nip over to her pad for a bite to eat.

"I've invited Posh to come over to mine for a glass of wine and some fish fingers," reveals the Birmingham-born star, who relocated to the US in 2006. Should the busy Spice Girl decline Cat's generous offer the TV star needn't worry, it seems there are plenty of fellow Brits she can befriend.

"It's kind of weird how many there are over in California now!" laughs the presenter, who's made a name for herself Stateside with shows like So You Think You Can Dance and American Idol.

"I was queueing for my US work visa in the UK," explains Cat. "It was 7.45am and I got this tap on the shoulder. It was Gordon Ramsay behind me He's over in LA as well. We are literally invading!"

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