The presenter of US TV show The Apprentice, pictured at a recent benefit with Barron and wife Melania, has clearly passed on his strawberry locks to his son
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The youngster is Donald's first child with wife Melania and the fifth in his brood as a whole
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Donald's son is revealed as an hair apparent to his tycoon dad

12 MARCH 2008
When billionaire TV personality Donald Trump and his wife Melania took their son Barron along to a US charity event, it was clear the little boy, who turns two later this month, has inherited his father's locks.

The youngest member of the Trump clan has a similar floppy, strawberry blonde - although more tousled - version of his dad's famously immaculate coiffure.

Even his older sister Ivanka the enterpreneur's daughter by first wife Ivana - took a cheeky swipe at her dad over the similarities. "Barron does have a bit of a comb-over!" she exclaimed when asked about the resemblances. "I've asked Melania if that's styled after anyone in particular and she claims not, but we'll see."

Another thing the youngster is destined to inherit from his famous dad is a taste for luxurious living. The toddler has his own floor in the Trumps' $100 million New York penthouse.